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Date: June 26, 2024

Contact: Carol Roye

Ph. 442-400-0379




Introducing Carol Roye’s Much Anticipated Cookbook, Flavors of Love: Don’t Forget to Say GRACE


Palm Springs, Calif. (June 26, 2024) – Carol Roye, an author, entrepreneur, actor, and certified personal trainer in the state of California, announces her second book titled, Flavors of Love: Don’t Forget to Say GRACE.


From her kitchen to yours, Flavors of Love: Don’t Forget to Say GRACE is the ultimate guide to creating delightful dishes for every palate and occasion. From soul-warming Southern comfort food to nourishing plant-based creations, from mouthwatering desserts to refreshing cocktails, this cookbook has it all covered. Roye first developed her love for cooking at the age of 5, when her grandmother opened the doors to a world filled with delicious aromas, family recipes, and the importance of saying grace before every meal. Building on this foundation, Roye has artfully honed her culinary skills, infusing her family’s treasured recipes with her own unique touch.


Roye’s first book, What Goes up Must Come Down: Let’s Face It, chronicled her incredible transformation journey, from the struggle of failed diets to her successful vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) surgery. After shedding the excess weight, she discovered her true passion for helping others on their own health and wellness journeys. The heartwarming response from readers of her initial book served as the spark that ignited her culinary creativity.


“This cookbook is a labor of love that proves that enjoying your favorite foods and maintaining balance don’t have to be at odds,” said Roye. “Within these pages, I aim to show that true health isn’t about deprivation, but celebrating the diverse flavors life has to offer. You can still savor your favorite dishes while walking the path to become healthier.”


In Flavors of Love: Don’t Forget to Say GRACE, Roye guides you through crafting delectable dishes such as ambrosia, collard greens, cheesy spinach artichoke dip, gourmet mini quiches, spinach and mushroom lasagna, and stuffed bell peppers.


Flavors of Love: Don’t Forget to Say GRACE is available for purchase on Amazon or by visiting the following link: Get your copy here.


About the Author


Carol Roye is an author, entrepreneur, actor, and certified personal trainer based in the state of California. Roye’s driving passion lies in motivating and empowering others to break through the self-imposed limitations that often hinder them from embracing the boundless potential that life offers. Her journey as an author began with her own transformative experience. Having come from a family with a history of diabetes, and weight loss struggles, Roye embarked on a remarkable weight loss journey that ignited her passion for well-being and balanced living. Roye’s culinary expertise and love for cooking were nurtured from a young age, guided mainly by her grandmother. Notably, Roye is currently in the developmental stages of creating her own spice line, adding an exciting dimension to her culinary journey.

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