Updated: Mar 2

The cover of "What Goes Up Must Come Down: Let's Face It" has been redesigned to better reflect the contents of the book. I worked closely with the graphic designers at Ripe Marketing to get the right feel of what I wanted to communicate and I am rejoiced to share the updated cover with you for the first time!

This book has taken me on its own voyage and has given me many twists and turns along the way but I praise God for getting me through every obstacle. It is my firm belief that what doesn't break us, is put on our path to mold us into our truest potential.

"What Goes Up Must Come Down: Let's Face It" is almost like another child - I nurtured it, watched it grow and am about to release it into the world. May it help you with your journey and provide some comfort knowing you are not alone on this path. It has been walked before and I will be there to hold your hand. Because what goes up, must come down. Let's face it. Together!

I'm excited to share that "What Goes Up Must Come Down: Let's Face It" will officially be launched on March 15! You can pre-order the book now through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

We have decided to add more content, such as my favorite recipes, and color images that will take you along the journey with a behind the scenes peek, as if you were a fly on the wall. If I am honest, I struggled with the decision to add certain images to the book but I know my vulnerability will help a few of the readers who may be in the same mindset I was in when facing difficult decisions.

The book is with the publisher now, getting polished and ready to print. I cannot wait to share it with you!