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JMerrill Publishing, Inc. launches a new memoir entitled


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 22, 2021

Carol M. Roye

famed personal trainer shares her life story & fight with obesity

Carol M. Roye tells it all in what goes up must come down: let’s face it

Find more details along with insightful articles on the author’s official website: For more information, send an email to or call (323)-377-4926.

Southern CA: Excess weight and obesity have long since become a leading cause for morbidity and mortality in America. Many people who have struggled with these problems and succeeded have shared their story with others. However, few have shown the courage to not only share their complete journey with the public but also used their history of developing unhealthy relationships with food to help others find their way out.

One such name is of the famed author, certified personal trainer, certified esthetician, and a professional actor – Carol M. Roye. Carol is all set to launch her book, What Goes Up Must Come Down: Let’s Face It, which will give the reader a detailed account of Carol’s unhealthy history with food and exactly how she got rid of her excess weight, started living a healthy life, and used her newly built confidence to pursue extraordinary dreams and achieved them all!

The book is a journey through time where Carol shares with the reader her family’s history of obesity and related physical and mental health issues. She talks about her mother, herself, and her journey to become a role model for her growing daughter with poignancy blended with an unyielding sense of hope.

Carol has written What Goes Up Must Come Down: Let’s Face It as a memoir to share her life story with immense courage; as a reminder to those who are struggling with weight related issues that they are not alone; and as a guide to the same people, showing them the way she walked on to become the best version of herself.

In writing this book, Carol’s goal is to provide an unfiltered look at the journey so many people consider; to share the positives as well as the negatives of her journey; and assure the reader that even though their weight loss may have stalled, increased, or remain unchanged for a while, there is hope!

The book heralds the conclusion of a long journey, sharing with the reader how the author suffered and how she never gave up on her dreams all those long years. Carol’s journey includes learning a great deal about healthy dietary habits, staying disciplined for years, and going through multiple cosmetic surgery procedures.

Speaking of the experience of writing the book, the author said, “It was an emotional roller coaster. While sharing those extremely personal experiences and memories with the world, I had to live it all again in my mind. Some days I would cry reading back what I had written about the challenges I went through and other days gave me tears of joy, but I know people who are struggling with excess weight will be motivated by my story and make better life choices themselves.”

What Goes Up Must Come Down: Let’s Face It will be launching next Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2022), and all orders for the book can be made on the official website given below.


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