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Carol M. Roye


Actor, Author & Personal Trainer

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Carol's Story


Carol M. Roye


A famed author, actor, certified personal trainer, and certified esthetician came from a family with a history of diabetes, weight struggles, and the resulting depression has never stood still for adversity.  Always one to advance herself, Carol took the courageous step of first losing her excess weight and has successfully kept it off for 5 years.  With a newfound sense of freedom, confidence, and pride she took the next step in bettering herself. She underwent cosmetic surgery; the result was a newfound strength and resilience that catapulted into a serious acting career – a dream that finally came true.

Carol’s journey was not at all easy; however, the benefits far outweighed the negatives.  Having mastered such profound life’s adversities, her contribution to the world resulted in a tell-all, no holds barred blockbuster book.  “What goes up must come down – Let’s face it” (which is soon to be released) will inspire YOU to live outside the box and to follow your dreams as well!

Certified Personal Trainer


She achieved the requirements to become a certified personal trainer in the state of California.  This required rigorous training and demonstrated mastery of the physical training principles.  It was not enough to pass the requirements - one must demonstrate their personal commitment to truly become a personal trainer of substance.

Carol's dedication to physical fitness is evident in her appearance; however, her passion is working with seniors to assist them in remaining physically viable and independent.



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